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Is happening at the Boracay New Coast

There will be age categories as follow:

  • Under 6 : 50m Swim – 700m Bike – 200m Run
  • 7-8 y.o. :  50m Swim – 1.5km Bike – 200m Run
  • 9-10 y.o. : 100m Swim – 2.0km Bike – 500m Run
  • 11-12 y.o. : 200m Swim – 4.0km Bike – 750m Run
  • 13-15 y.o. : 300m Swim – 8.0km Bike – 1.0km Run


FINIS is a Latin word that signifies "the end" or "grand finale." It holds symbolic meaning to the company as it not only contains the word 'fin' (our first product), but the word FINIS also represents the true nature of why we, as swimmers, undergo such rigorous training schedules. We continue to strive and improve upon such an unnatural, but immensely rewarding sport.

FINIS is, and will always remain, whole heartedly committed to the discovery and development of innovative swimming products that enable athletes to meet that "end" or "grand finale" of a finish line that we as competitors and individuals set as a benchmark to become bigger and better than who we are today.



SWIM: Course Description

Kids Distances:

Kids of Steel Triathlon will start at the New coast Beach with the Swim Leg at the floating Finis arch by the beach overlooking the blue waters of Boracay east coast. All tri kids must swim to their designated Turn-around Buoys (according to age group distances marked on the buoys) and then swim back to the floating Finis Arch and exit the water back to the Transition Area to prepare for the bike leg.


  1. All swimmers must wear the swim cap provided in your race packet. You will be DQ’d if you don’t wear it.
  2. No fins, paddles or flotation devices of any kind are allowed.
  3. No individual paddlers or escorts are allowed. Safety measures provided by the organizers will be ample for all athletes.
  4. Time penalties will be imposed on athletes not behind the official start line five (5) minutes prior to the race start.
  5. Swimmers are required to swim the entire course, stay on course -- failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  6. A swimmer experiencing difficulty and in need of assistance shall raise an arm overhead, pump it up and down, and call or seek assistance. A swimmer, who has received assistance, whether voluntary or involuntary, must retire and withdraw from the remainder of the race, unless such assistance did not aid the swimmer in making forward progress. No swimmer shall return to the race if the official rendering assistance requests that the participant withdraws from the race or receive medical assistance.
  7. After the swim, transition area will be available. No changing will be allowed in the transition area. Public nudity is prohibited throughout the entire event.
  8. Gun Start – wave start



The swim will start at the Finis Floating Arch route will be lined with highly visible pyramid buoys as distance markers. The large cube buoys will be the TURN markers. There will be no rope lines to connect the buoys so make sure you “sight” your swimming direction frequently so you won’t be lost. After making a U-turn at your designated age group distance, swim towards the Finis floating Arch to complete your swim leg.


A Medic’s tent will be positioned at the beach near the finish arch to act as an aid station for hydration or any medical emergency.


Swim marshals composed of lifeguards and coast guards will be on kayaks, rubber boats or jet skis and will be positioned strategically throughout the spread of the swimmers from the leaders up to the tail end swimmers for proper safety monitoring.

December 14:

Wave 1 7:00 am 6 & under

Wave 2 7:10 am 7 - 8

Wave 3 7:15 am 9 -10

Wave 4 7:20 am 11 - 12

Wave 5 7:25 am 13 - 15

RUN: Course Description

Upon exiting the Transition Area, 6 to 8 AG tri kids must turn right on the main road and head to the Finis Arch to finish by the Belmont Circle.

For all 9 to 10 AG turn left on the main road and run towards Cujo’s Keyhole and make a U-turn midway at the designated turn around and Run towards Belmont Hotel to the Finish Arch by Belmont Circle.

For all 11 to 12 AG turn left on the main road and run towards Cujo’s Keyhole and make a U-turn at that designated turn around and Run towards Belmont Hotel to the Finish Arch by Belmont Circle.

For all 13 to 15 AG turn left on the main road and run towards Cujo’s Keyhole and make your first U-turn there then run towards Belmont Hotel and make your 2nd U-turn by the transition are and run back towards Cujo’s Keyhole for your 3rd and final U-turn and run towards Belmont Hotel and complete the race at to Finish Arch by Belmont Circle.


  1.  Shoes and shirts are required at all times in the run route. Race bibs must be visible in the front of the runners at all times during the run, and the race numbers cannot be cut, folded, or altered in any way. Race belts may be used to secure the race bibs.
  2.  A runner may only run, walk, or crawl as forward progress in the run course.
  3.  A runner may not receive outside assistance of any kind, including the following: food, hydration, water/ice/sponges for cooling off, pacing from non-racers, family members, or athletes who have withdrawn or was disqualified or has already finished the race. There will be ample official aid stations to provide the necessary food, hydration, water/ice/sponges for cooling off, including medical aid.
  4.  All runners must obey instructions from race marshals and public authorities.




Upon exiting the Transition Area, do not ride your bike, only running or walking with the bike to the designated Bike Mount area on the Main Road is permitted. Bike towards Belmont Hotel and make the U-Turns according to your Age Group bike distances as instructed at the race briefing. End the bike leg back at the Transition Area and dismount your bike to rack it back at the Transition Area.

For 11 to 12 and 13 to 15 Age Groups, do not make any U-turns and just follow the road directions to complete one loop for the 11 to 12 AG and 2 loops for the 13 to 15 AG as shown in the race briefing map. Dismount your bike by the Transition Area to end your bike leg. Push your bike to your designated bike rack slot and rack it. Transition to the run leg and exit the Transition Area.

NOTE: The race course will be equipped with race directions and must be followed. Very important to understand clearly the race course route during the Race Briefing. All questions will be entertained at this time but during the race itself, the Race marshals will not give directions on where to go. They will only be there to monitor the safety of the participants and likewise monitor for violations.


1) Shoes and shirts are required throughout the entire bike route.

2) All kinds bikes are allowed except for beach cruisers, and bikes with coaster-type brakes. No tandems, recumbents, fairings or any add-on device designed exclusively to reduce resistance are allowed. Any new, “unusual,” or prototype equipment will be subject to a determination of legality by the event organizer and/or Head Referee.

3) The Boracay Triathlon Festival race bib must be worn on the rider’s lower back at all times while on the bike course. Do not fold, cut, or alter the race bib. Race belts may be worn to secure the race bib.|

4) Race number stickers that were provided must be installed on the right side and on the front of the helmet and on the seat post of the bike.

5) The helmet must be fastened before the athlete first mounts the bicycle and at all times when the athlete is on the bicycle. The athlete must dismount the bicycle prior to unfastening their chin strap

6) Directions and instructions from all race officials and public authorities must be followed at the risk of disqualification.

7) No outside assistance of any kind is allowed – this means receiving food, hydration, tools, mechanical assistance, or pacing from another bike, motorcycle, or car. Of course, there will be ample supply of food, hydration, and medical aid for athletes at officially designated aid stations. 

8) All bikers are responsible for their own bike maintenance and repair. A roving official technical support crew will assist those in need, but this does not mean they will change normal flat tires.

9) Two penalties will result in disqualification. A disqualified cyclist may continue to bike till T2, but will not be allowed to run.

10) DRAFTING – no drafting is allowed of another bike or vehicle of any kind

a. Side by side riding is not allowed.
b. Bikers must keep 10 -meters distance apart except when passing.
c. Overtaking must be completed in 20-seconds, and from the left side.
d. An overtaken rider must fall 10 meters before attempting to regain the lead.
e. Bikers violating rules on drafting will be notified by officials on the spot and the officials will do the following:

i. Call out your race number and notify you that you have received a RED CARD for drafting (or a YELLOW CARD for any other penalty). The official will show you the corresponding colored card.
ii. Instruct you to report to the penalty tent located at T2.
iii. Take your photograph for verification.

f. Bikers penalized for drafting must do the following:

i. Report to the penalty tent and tell an official that you have received a RED CARD for drafting (or a YELLOW CARD for any other offense).
ii. Have your racebib marked with a red slash “/” for drafting or a red “P” for any other penalty. Failure to acknowledge a race marshal who informs a biker to stop for a penalty will be disqualified.
iii. Remain in the penalty tent for four (4) minutes for a drafting penalty.
iv. Continue on with the race if given a “P” for any other offense.
v. Sign a penalty registration form.
vi. Any biker who fails to report to the penalty tent will be disqualified.

11) Bikers may walk or run with their bike, if necessary, but cannot move forward on the bike course without their bikes.


  1. All race marshals have the authority to disqualify any participant.
  2. Medical personnel have final say to disallow any participant to continue to race if said medical personnel feels an athlete’s well-being will be seriously harmed if this athlete continues on with the race.
  3. Alcohol or any illegal, detrimental or dangerous drugs, stimulants, depressants or other substances or procedures with the intent to improve performance, eliminate the sense of fatigue or for any other purpose will be prohibited. Before taking any medication, please ensure these are not banned by the International Triathlon Union (ITU) or by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate disqualification and will result in a one-year suspension for a first offence. Second offenders will be banned from all future WetSHOP & TRAP events.
  4. Full disclosure of one’s medical condition(s), general health and surgical procedures within the previous 12 months is required. Medical consultation/clearance may be necessary from an attending physician prior to acceptance into the race. In all cases, the final decision of medical consideration is at the discretion of the event Medical Director.
  5. All medical expenses incurred during the race will be the sole responsibility of the participant receiving medical aid, medicines, and such.
  6. Fraud, theft, abusive treatment of volunteers or others and acts of poor sportsmanship are grounds for immediate disqualification and will result in athlete being suspended from competing in any Finis & TRAP events in the future.
  7. Communication devices of any type, MP3 players, iPods, and mobile phones are strictly prohibited during the race. Athletes found using these devices may be disqualified.
  8. Race bibs and race registrations are non-transferable.
  9. Non-racers cannot run alongside a racer inside the finish chute, including children carried in one’s arms. Plus, do not cross the finish line in a group. Your finish placement may be jeopardized, potentially resulting in loss of prizes, and .
  10. Your timing chip will be retrieved by race marshals immediately after you cross the finish line.
  11. If you are disqualified, or you withdraw, or were asked by medical personnel to discontinue racing, you are responsible to return your timing chip to a race official.
  12. If you lose or forget your timing chip prior to the swim start, there are a few extra chips available, but you are still responsible to return the forgotten chip, or pay US$100 for the lost timing chip. If you lose your timing chip during the race, please inform a race official immediately. You will be required to pay US$100 for that lost chip.
  13. All protest will be welcomed, provided a cash Protest Fee of P2,500 together with written file protest is submitted to the Race Manager within 30 minutes after the race. If protest is ruled valid, the correction will be announced and the protest fee will be refunded.


Friday, 13 May 2:00pm – 6:00pm All bikes and helmets must be checked-in to transition area before 6pm race eve.

Only registered athletes will be allowed in the transition area. Official bike stickers will be placed on your bike, plus a photo taken, before you rack your bike at your numbered transition bin.

Your transition gears must be checked-in together with your bikes (including bike shoes, running shoes, race belts, running visor, sunglasses, nutrition, etc). Bike shoes can be mounted on your pedals, if so desired, but bike shoes cannot be placed on the ground. No other bags, backpacks, or gear are allowed in the transition area.

In case of rain overnight, athletes may cover their bikes with plastic – but each athlete must be fully responsible for proper disposal/keeping of the bike cover prior to the start of the race. These covers must not be left at transition

All athletes are required to pass a timing mat prior to the swim start to ensure that you are present and accounted for on race day. Also, near this timing mat will be a race official who will determine if you are wearing an ITU legal speed suits for the swim leg.


For KIDS OF STEEL Race, you will receive your race packet, which includes the following items: swim cap; three (3) race numbers. 2 for your helmet & 1 for your bike, bib number, race belt and event shirt in an event sling bag.

Kids Triathlon Distances:
Saturday, 14 March 4:00am – 6:00am

You will be allowed to go to your bike, on race morning attend to your for last minute additions (hydration, nutrition, etc). At this time, you may also place your helmets, sunglasses on your bikes prior to walking to the swim start.

Do not place anything (shoes, towels, clothing, etc.) beyond the front wheel of your bike and your items must all be in the transition bin only. Glass bottles are not allowed within the transition area.

Any athlete who gets caught handling bikes and gear not their own may be disqualified.

There will be a limited number of bike mechanics ready to assist athletes at transition prior to race start to help with tire pressure. Those with their own tire pumps, please hand them over to a friend/relative after use. Tire pumps left at transition during the swim will be confiscated.

Prior to the race, you will be subjected to body marking of your race number on both your upper arms and at your lower legs. Please do not apply lotion, petroleum jelly, or sunscreen to the top part of your arms and legs prior to body marking. Race numbers will be marked here.

Swimwear must be 100% textile material, which is defined as materials consisting of natural and/or synthetic, individual and non- consolidated yarns to constitute a fabric by weaving, knitting and/or braiding. Simply put, this would generally refer to suits made only from nylon or Lycra that do not have any rubberized material such as polyurethane or neoprene. Swimwear must not cover the neck, extend past the shoulder, nor extend past the knees. Swimwear may contain a zipper. A race kit may be worn underneath swimwear. All tri-suits must be sleeveless and must not go beyond the knees.

Those caught using illegal speed suits after the swim check-in zone, prior to the race start, will be disqualified. Likewise, wetsuits will not be allowed.


In accordance with IATF and NCC directives, the use of masks in all public places are required.

• Pre-Race Requirements:

  • Download and sign the Waiver, Health Declaration Form, Pledge of Adherence to all safety protocols.
  • Request for a Medical Certificate of Fit to Race.
  • Prepare Parental Consent for minors joining the race.
  • Prepare the Vaccination Card.

• Race Protocols:

  • Upon registration, each participant is required to submit a signed Health Declaration Form for contact tracing purposes, as well as a duly-signed Pledge of Adherence to all safety protocols.
  • Working spaces and manpower deployment will be organized in a manner where physical distancing is respected.
  • All pre- and post-race activities shall be socially distant or done virtually where possible.

• Post Race Protocol:

  • At the end of this event, the local organizers will keep records of all involved for future reference should the need for contact tracing arise.
  • Participants, members of the LOC, Technical Officials, volunteers and all involved in the FINIS SPRINT TRIATHLON shall undergo a post-race self quarantine and monitoring for 7 days. If anyone experiences common symptoms like fever, dry cough, tiredness, aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, loss of taste or smell, they should contact the Finis Organizing Committee so Finis can advise them what to do and conduct contact tracing accordingly.
  • FINIS shall continue to monitor the status of its participants for the next 7 days after the event.
  • Use StaySafe.PH as a tool to monitor all concerned.



If after all the processes of bike check-in the day before and body marking, and yet an athlete decides to withdraw from the race, please inform a race marshal immediately. You are required to turn in your race bib number upon this time.

Any athlete who decides to drop from the race the night before, or even prior to body marking, please inform a race marshal or send a text message to 09178866341 with the following info: Name, Race Number, Reason for Not Joining the Race. You must return your race bib number to a race official.

Any athlete who fails to inform the race organizers of one’s withdrawal from the race will result in disqualification from any Finis and TRAP events.


Online registration thru RACEYAYA

Registration matters, email
Race Event matters. email, cc:



Participants can only register via, Participants should ensure they have read all race and event details, rules and protocols and agree to the terms of participation by ticking it before submitting registration.

1. Registration is only confirmed after payment. Paid fees are non-refundable, non-transferable & non-creditable to future FINIS races.

2. Participants should read all details and FAQs in this page and the terms and conditions before submitting their registration.

3. Participants should use an accessible email where confirmation and event updates and announcements will be sent, if any. Updates may be posted and updated in this page and in FINIS and RaceYaya social media accounts. It is the participants responsibility to be informed of any updates.

Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS on the use of the Registration Platform.

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