RaceYa October 21k Challenge

October 31, 2021



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How to Join

The 21k Challenge

Welcome to Race Ya, we aim to encourage and motivate you to stay fit, keep moving and reach your running goal.  Wherever you are, lace up and take on our 21k challenge for October.

This challenge is for everyone - whether you're running your first 21k, doing it for your general health and fitness or working on beating your best time - let's see each other as we cross the finish line this October in the Race Ya competition live leaderboard.  Register and run a distance of twenty-one (21) kilometer in one go any time from October 1-31 at your own pace and place.  Race Ya!

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Share you are Racing

Share you are joining the race by using this template! Don't forget to tag us in instagram or facebook and use the hashtag #RaceYa21K.  Let's encourage each other to get RACE FIT through RACE YA!

We will choose one winner of P500GC for each category.

PS. Please set post to public so we can view it.

Get your Race certified by Race Ya

Race Ya makes you feel the spirit of in-person racing.  Aside from seeing each other in the leaderboard and getting your race results live in your Race Ya profile, you can celebrate your run with an e-certificate.  Print them or post it in your Social Media Account.  Years from now you can look back  in your profile in Race Ya or see how your October 2021 21k felt like with these virtual rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each participant needs a RaceYaya account to gain access to the registration and time upload portal. This will be your perpetual account which will give you access to other features in the platform.

Choose the race event and the category you are joining.  This is a free event.  You can, however, shop for discounted gear and nutrition from our brand partners upon registration.  Payment can be made via paypal/credit card, bank transfers, Gcash or from over 40 payment centers available. Payment should be made before checkout. For Dragonpay, kindly follow the instructions sent to you.  For card/paypal, you will be directed and asked to log-on to your paypal account.  Should you decide to exit and shop/pay later, please log-on to your account to continue your purchase or payment.

Your access to the time portal will be activated 24H after confirmation of your registration. Race starts October 1, 2021 and end time will be October 31, 2020. Upload will be at time.raceyaya.com or click the link above.

Start time will be at 5am of October 1 and end time will be at 10 pm of October 31, 2021. Participant may run anytime, anywhere during October 1-31 2021. 

Run Route

Participant can choose their start time and route, your race day from anywhere you are. The registered participants should finish their activity in a single run.  Entries in other ongoing Virtual Challenges in Raceyaya can be used simultaneously for this event.

What to Prepare before your Race Day

Participant may use any watch, phone application or treadmill which can measure their time and distance. Participant should start his/her watch or app at the planned start time and turn it off when target distance is met for each run.

Participant must ensure he/she has trained well for the distance. Train, Hydrate and eat well!  The goal is to meet the personal challenge you have set for yourself to finish a 21K in one go before the end of October 31 do it at your own pace.

Participant has to submit their run within 48 hours after they finish but not later than November 2, 2021. Log-in to time.raceyaya.com and upload your results as indicated.

Your uploads will update in the live leaderboard. This, however, is not validated yet. Validation will be done within 24 hours after upload. This will update in your results as validated.

Official Results will be validated within twenty-four hours after submission. Please check your email as we will be sending communications should your submission require additional information for validation.

You will be considered a Finisher after you have finished and submitted your 21k run with verifiable link or photo.

Contest on the published results should be done via email at support@raceyaya.com not later than 24 hours from time of activity. We will not entertain any online contest and we highly discourage any form of bashing and disrespectful post against other athletes. The organizing committee will decide on the contest submitted and the decision is considered final.  

Don’t forget to enjoy your run, take photos and share your #RaceYa21k #yourRaceyaya experience with others. Tag us so we can feature you.

Registration Ends