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October 20, 2021


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MAP Virtual Steps Challenge

MAP is a 70-year old management organization whose almost 1,000 members represent a cross-section of CEOs, COOs and other top management practitioners from the largest local and multinational companies operating in the Philippines.

The 1st MAP Virtual Step Challenge was launched by MAP with the goal of encouraging its members and their guests to do their much needed exercise to boost their immune system. This event also aims to raise funds for MAP's Teacher Training Program and other CSR activities.

How to Join

ACCOUNT PROFILE: Participants must Create a RaceYaya Profile  at:

REGISTRATION:  Registration is FREE for MAP Members and should be done individually at  Non-MAP members can be sponsored by their Company and a payment of P500 should be paid to MAP.   

STEPS TRACKING:  Each participant should track their activities (steps) using any step counting app or watch.  Here are some STEPS COUNTER apps that are free to download.  Built-in Health Apps in smart phones can also be used.

UPLOAD: Participant should log it in their profile at  Click results and this will lead to your access to  Upload can be done daily, a minimum upload of once a week is encouraged.   Click here for a video guide on how to join the event

RANKING: Participants will be ranked based on the most number of steps logged during the duration of the challenge.  There will be ranking per age group and a monthly recognition of 3 winners per gender.  Participants can witness their fellow members as they do their own challenge via the leaderboard ranking.



How to Do the Challenge

1. Start time will be at 5am of July 1 and end time will be at 10 pm of October 15.

2. Participant should turn on their app counter during their activities.  This can involve walking, running, hiking or simply moving around.

What to Prepare before your Activity

1. Participant may use any watch, phone application or treadmill which can measure the number of steps taken per day.

2. Participant must ensure he/she has trained well for the activity.  Train, Hydrate and eat well!

Health Protocols

1. Participants should do their activity within the allowed areas based on the government issued rulings.  They should check the protocols and ensure they are in compliance with it as they do their activity.  Any violation will immediately disqualify the participation. (i.e., walking or running in restricted area)

2. Participants should ensure their safety during their activity. We highly discourage over exertion which may compromise the participant’s health.


1. Participant should start his/her watch or app at the planned start time and turn it off when the activity is done.

2. Don’t forget to enjoy!!!

Uploading of Results

1. Participant has to submit their steps within three days after their activity but not later than October 18,2021.  Log-in to your RaceYaya profile and upload your results as indicated.  This automatically updates the live leaderboard at  This, however, is not validated yet.  Official weekly ranking is every Monday at 12 noon.  Monthly submission cut-off is every 3rd day of the following month.  Official Monthly Ranking will be out every 5th of the following month.

2. Participant is expected to exhibit the value of sportsmanship in their uploaded results.  We will be flagging results which cannot be validated or has possible  irregularities based on the link submitted.  We may disqualify results based on validation.  Please note that we are doing this for fun and to celebrate moving.

3. Official Results will be validated within twenty-four hours after submission.  Please check your email as we will be sending communications should your submission require additional information for validation.

4. The ranking will be based on the total number of steps done per month and at the end of the three-month challenge.

Contest on the published results should be done via email at not later than 24 hours from time of activity.  We will not entertain any online contest and we highly discourage any form of bashing and disrespectful post against other athletes.  The organizing committee will decide on the contest submitted and the decision is considered final.