Tawid Mountain Marathon

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  • Bontoc Mountain Province Philippines
  • June 13, 2020
  • Saturday, 4AM to 4AM

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Tawid Mountain Marathon

Saturday, 4AM to 4AM
June 13, 2020

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Tawid Mountain Marathon

Saturday, 4AM to 4AM
June 13, 2020



Tawid: Bontok Term for Inheritance.

Start/Finish area: Eyeb Grand Stand

Date and time of event:
June 12, 2020 Kit Claiming

June 13,2020: Race Proper

Race Category:
42KM Mountain Marathon
> Time Limit: 12 hours
> There will be intermediate cut off time at AS3 KM26 (7hours) and KM 33 (9hours)
> Requirement:
>Medical certificate
> Must be over 18 y/o
> gun start 4am

25km Mountain Run
> Time Limit: 8 hours
> Medical Certificate
> Must be 15 y/o up,
> parent/guardian consent for minors
>Gun start: 5am

12KM Trail Run
> Time Limit 4 Hours
> Requirements
> Medical Certificate
> Must be over 13 y/o, with parent/Guardian Consent for minors
> Gun start: 6am

Registration Fee:
Early Bird February 1 – March 1, 2020
42km: 2500
25km: 1500
12k: 750

March 2-31, 2020
42km: 2750
25km: 1750
12km: 1000

April 1-30, 2020
42km: 3000
25km: 2000
12km: 1500

Registration Fee Inclusions:
>Finisher’s Medal
>Finisher’s Shirt
>Trail Foods/ AS Foods & hydration
>Post-race meal
>Trail Fees

• 42k – Top 3 Male and Female
Age Category:
 18-29 y/o Male female
 30-39 y/o Male female
 40-49 y/o Male female
 50 y/o up Male female

• 24k – Top 5 Male and Female,
Sash, gift products from sponsors

• 12k – Top 3 Male and Female
Sash, gift products from sponsors

Race Course Description:
From the bird’s eye view, the town of Bontoc is like an enormous basin. The Tawid Mountain Marathon will tour you around Bontoc through the alps. You will traverse from one barangay to another, circumnavigating the town. Bontoc consists of 16 Barangays but in this course you will pass through 7 of it. The race offers to showcase scenes such as rice terraces, lakes, plateau, ridges and other breath-taking landscapes. It is a one-way trip so you will see more views comparing to an out and back course.


More details to follow