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  • 2020-07-25 5:00 to 2020-08-01 20:00

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2020-07-25 5:00 to 2020-08-01 20:00
August 1, 2020

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2020-07-25 5:00 to 2020-08-01 20:00
August 1, 2020



Seven Mountains, Seven Days

A virtual running event

Brought to you by T8 Philippines and RaceYaya

The Philippines, with over seven thousand islands divided into three main islands:  Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  It is famous for its paradise like beaches, rich and diverse heritage and culture and a wide selection of majestic mountains.  

The Philippine mountains is endowed with varying levels of difficulties, but one thing is constant, its majestic views is always worth a trip outdoors for everyone, whatever fitness level you are at.

With the ongoing pandemic, our outdoor activities are limited and most of the hiking trails have not opened yet.  Trail Races have been cancelled as mass gatherings are not allowed.  This event was conceptualized to gather all of us together as we conquer the challenge of running seven Philippine Mountains in seven days.  For each registration, a donation will be made to one family of our local mountain guides whose source of livelihood is affected by the closure of hiking areas.

#yourRaceYaya invites you to run the Philippine mountains with us.  RUN THE PHILIPPINE MOUNTAINS, Run wherever you are.

 Join us and let the daily challenge take you that exhilarating feeling of the reaching the peak of these mountains.   Are you ready to reach the three highest peaks in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao?  Read more below.


Event Date:  July 25 at 5am – August 1 at 8pm  (Run should be done between 5am to 8pm daily).

Registration Period:  June 22, 2020 – July 8, 2020

Virtual Event Launch: June 28

Registration Fee:  P350 (inclusive of web fee)


  • P100 of your registration fee will be donated in your behalf to the local tourist guides affected by the pandemic.  1 registration: 1 family
  • You will receive:
  • P100 off your T8 Commando Underwear Purchase
  • 20% Discount on the T8 Philippines Limited Edition Trucker Cap
  • P500 off on On Running Shoes from
  • One Free Vitargo Sachet for the First 100 registered runners (shipping fee not included)
  • 10% discount on Vitargo purchase at
  • Each participant will receive e-certificate for every level of achievement they unlock.

Notes on Inclusion:

Your Vitargo Sachet will be shipped to you indicated address.  Please ensure this is complete. Kindly choose Shipping Method when you checkout so we can ship to your address.

You may order T8 Commando Underwear as you register at a discounted price of P890.  Pls use the shirt option to indicate sizing.

This will be shipped together with your freebies.  Kindly include payment of shipping fee when you settle.

For On Running, an email will be sent to you for the code.  Ordering is via

T8 Philippines Limited Edition Trucker Cap is on pre-order.  Discount code will be sent to you via email.  Ordering will be via The cap will be available in August.

Participants may request for consolidation of their orders and shipping of their Vitargo and T8 orders and other freebies, if any. Choose “Special arrangement” inder shipping and email your names to [email protected] for this request.

Here’s the limited edition Philippine trucker cap, exclusively available for participants at 20% off.



  1. All participants have to accomplish their target run within 7 days.  Start time will be at 5am of July 24 and end time will be at 8pm of July 31.  Run should only be done from 5am to 8pm.
  2. Participants should run within the allowed areas based on the government issued rulings.  They should check the protocols and ensure they are in compliance with it as they run.  Any violation will immediately disqualify the participation. (i.e., running in restricted area)
  3. Participants should ensure their safety during their run. We highly discourage over exertion which may compromise the participant’s health. With this, we will limit total achievement per day to 1,000m elevation gain. (i.e., if you achieve 1200 on Day1, only 1000m will be counted).
  4. Participant has to achieve the accumulated elevation gain per level.  Each level has to be unlocked before proceeding to the next.  Participant can aim to finish from one to seven levels within seven days.  The elevation gain is cumulative; after finishing one level the succeeding elevation gain achieved is added. An E-certificate will be issued as you unlock each level for the seven day period.

Level 1 – Run 450m of elevation gain and conquer Mount Parawagan

Level 2 – Run 830m of elevation gain and conquer Mount Maculot

Level 3 – Run 1445m of elevation gain and conquer Mount Pinatubo 

Level 4 – Run 1846m of elevation gain and conquer Mount Ulap

Level 5 – Run 2056m of elevation Gain and conquer Mount Guiting Guiting

Level 6 – Run 2465 m of Elevation Gain and conquer Mount Kanlaon

Level 7 – Run 3000m of Elevation gain and conquer Mount Pulag (2926M) or Mount Apo (2956M)

NOTE:  Each level is based on the elevation gain that matches the altitude of each mountain.  Example:  Mt Parawagan has 450meter altitude and to cover the gain that matches the altitude, it can be a 10x 45 meter over 20 kilometers. Or 2x 250 meters over 10 kilometers.  Elevation gain is relative and we cannot establish a common route for everyone.

Here are example of strava routes that you can run which are hilly:,%20Metro%20Manila,%20Philippines/type/running/terrain/all/center/14.5769,120.9821/zoom/12


  1. Participant has to be a member of the STRAVA group of Team T8 Philippines for validation.  
  2. Start list will be upload in which will be updated daily for seven days.
  3. Participant has to submit their run not later than 11am of the following day at the link which will be sent to your email upon registration. This should be a screen cap of their Strava results which shows the following:  time stamp, distance, map and elevation gain for the run.  If they run.  We will not accept submissions of photos of watch and other application. RaceYaya Timing will do online validation.  Note that there may be some discrepancies and unusual reading by strava which we may not be able to detect.  We will exert our best effort to validate and runner will receive an email for any rejected results submission subject to dispute within 24 hours.  Validated results will be updated at at 7pm the following day.
  4. Here is the reference on how ranking can be computed CLICK HERE
  5. The cut-off for each day will be the basis of ranking.  In case of tie (participants finishing the same level on the same day), the ranking will be based on the total hours spent to achieve the elevation gain.
  6. Results will be published not later than 7pm of the following day. This will include only all validated results submission.  Late submissions will not be counted but runners may proceed to finish their run on the next days.  (Example: You run on Monday but failed to submit it before 11am of Tuesday, your Monday run will not be counted.  You may still continue and make up for your runs on the following day.)
  7. Contest on the published results should be done via email at [email protected] not later than 24 hours from time of activity.  We will not entertain any online contest and we highly discourage any form of bashing and disrespectful post against other athletes.  The organizing committee will decide on the contest submitted and the decision is considered final.  




Event Manager: Jen Secuya [email protected]
Technical Race Director:  Kristian Joergensen  [email protected]
Marketing: Eva Soquena/BizYaya [email protected]
Race Registration and Timing: RaceYaya [email protected]


Presented by RaceYaya and  T8 Philippines

Official Running Shoes: On Running

Official Nutrition: Vitargo