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LA MESA TRAIL ULTRA is the first trail race of Team Adrenaline after almost two years in the pandemic

The race shall take participants through the trails inside the La Mesa Nature Reserve. Ideal for those who wants to elevate their running from road to trails and for experienced trail runners to challenge themselves to father or go faster in this trail ultra. Enjoy the trails!

45K – 3000

25K – 2000

15K – 1500

6K – 1000

The event is a PHILTRA-recognized event in partnership with the Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation, a National Sports Association recognized by the Philippine Sports Commision and the Philippine Olympic Committee.


This event is a PHILTRA-recognized event. The event organizer is one with Philtra to facilitate the setting of Philtra Trail Running Standards in events across the Philippines.


The event will be held at the The La Mesa Watershed Reservation, a protected area that preserves the only major watershed in Metro Manila. It is the primary source of drinking water for those living there, and it also contains the last remaining rainforest of its size in this area. That's why back in 1999 ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation, through Bantay Kalisan started "Save the La Mesa Wastershed Project". Their aim was to reforest and protect the watershed, and also to convert it into the environmental capital of Metro Manila.

The La Mesa Nature Reserve is completely reforested and has hiking and mountain bike trails for anyone to enjoy. Run in an almost untouched forest in the middle of the city with big trees overgrown with vines,dense bushes and the beautiful and calming view of the water reservoir.


1. It is the athlete’s responsibility to understand and know the rules and regulations before entering the course and participating in the competition.
2. Cut off time is 8 Hours for 42km and 5 Hours for 21km and 3hours for 12K; failure to finish the race within the cut off time will mean a DNF (Did Not Finish) status on the race result.
3. Racers will be released in waves in compliance to IATF’s Health and Safety Protocol. Competitors start in groups of 6 persons every 3 minutes.
4. Athletes are not allowed to race bare chested. We must respect the culture of the people living in the race area. Failure to comply to this rule might result in disqualification from the race.
5. Athletes are required to report to the start area at least 5 minutes prior to the start of their designated wave. Reporting too late can result in not being able to start at all, or having to start in a later start group. The organization can decide if the time for starting later will be compensated or not.
6. For those parts of the course that public roads are used, athletes must respect traffic Regulations and behave like (running) pedestrians are expected to behave.
7. Deliberately blocking other competitors progress will result in disqualification. There will be no (time) compensation in case the competitor is blocked by another competitor, official, any other person or anything else.
8. Athletes are required to provide and accept assistance from other competitors in distress, whose safety, is endangered and/or who require medical assistance, up and until the moment this role has been taken over by volunteers or medical staff.
9. Outside assistance:

  • · Limited outside assistance is allowed from another athlete competing in the sameevent.
  • · No outside assistance is allowed from any person not competing in the same event. These include but are not limited to spectators, friends, family, volunteers, support crew, photographers, police or marshals.

10. Athletes are obligated to:

  • · Know, understand and follow the rules and regulations at all times
  • · Practice good sportsmanship at all times
  • · Be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others
  • · Obey instructions from race officials and event staff at all times
  • · Treat other athletes, officials, volunteers, media, sponsors and spectators with respect and courtesy
  • · Not dispose litter or equipment on or around the course except at clearly designated places. All items must be kept with the athlete and disposed of appropriately at the end of the race
  • · Not attempt to gain unfair advantages in any way
  • · Have to be present at the briefing which starts 1 hour before the first start group starts


  • 4am – 45K
  • 5am – 25k
  • 6am – 15k
  • 7am – 6k

(This is subject to change)


Participants should always wear their mask at the event activity area. This can only be removed 200 meter from the finish line after their take-off and worn after they finish.

Participants are expected to practice social distancing.

Participants should practice self-check and will not allowed to participate should they be 1) exposed to any COVID positive individual pre-race; 2) experiencing symptoms or 3) have temperature above 36+ upon check-in.

Participants should report to race officials should they experience symptoms or test positive for COVID after the event.


(This is subject to change and organizer update.)

There will be Water refilling stations along the Race Course It’s a must that you bring your own water bottle or Hydration packs to ensure proper hydration all throughout the race, no paper cups will be provided during the race and racers will be required to refill their own hydration system from the water containers provided in the stations.

1. 45km: Each racer must be self-contained/ self-reliant. Complete with the following mandatory items:

  • · Hydration bottle/ pack (at least 1L)
  • · Trail food/ water
  • · Emergency Kit
  • · Cellular Phone
  • · Whistle
  • · Emergency Blanket
  • · Headlamp

2. 25km: Each racer must be self-contained/ self-reliant. Complete with the following mandatory items:

  • · Hydration bottle/ pack (at least 800ml)
  • · Trail food/ water
  • · Whistle
  • · Cellular Phone
  • · Whistle
  • · Emergency Blanket

3. 15km: Each runner must be self-contained/ self-reliant. Complete with the following mandatory items:

  • · Hydration bottle/ pack (at least 800ml)
  • · Water
  • · Whistle
  • · Trail Food (optional)

4. 6km: Each runner must be self-contained/ self-reliant. Complete with the following mandatory items:

  • · Hydration bottle/ pack (at least 800ml)
  • · Water
  • · Whistle

NOTE: These mandatory items will be inspected upon check-in at the starting line and during the race


1. Protests of any nature must be submitted within one hour of the finish time of the person lodging the protest. Protests must be submitted in writing and signed by the accuser. Saying somebody cut the course is not good enough – it must be written and described as accurately as possible. All protests will be investigated. 

2. Because of the nature of off road races, it is not always possible to see infractions. This race is in the woods, out of sight and marshalled only where necessary. In every case there will need to be verification of the infraction. Officials will not be drawn into a “hear-say” argument.


Penalties will be determined by the severity of the infraction. The minimum penalty will always be 10 minutes. The maximum penalty will be disqualification from the results of the event and/or a loss of prize money.


1. Masks on at all times, except when racing.

2. Mask on at the starting line, racers will only be allowed to remove their mask as soon as they reach the 1st obstacle.

3. Social distancing (At least six feet apart)

4. Regular hand disinfection.

5. Athletes who fail to observe these protocols, despite constant reminders from organizers, will be asked to leave the venue immediately.


Participants can only register via register.raceyaya.com, Participants should ensure they have read all race and event details, rules, and protocols and agree to the terms of participation by ticking it before submitting registration.

1. Registration is only confirmed after payment. Paid fees are non-refundable, non-transferable & non-creditable to future Vermosa Bike Trails races.

2. Participants should read all details and FAQs on this page and the terms and conditions before submitting their registration.

3. Participants should use an accessible email where confirmation and event updates and announcements will be sent if any. Updates may be posted and updated on this page and in Vermosa Bike Trails and RaceYaya social media accounts. It is the participants' responsibility to be informed of any updates.

Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS on the use of the Registration Platform.

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