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The Starting LIne with Tin Ferrera and Andro de Rivera

Posted at April 25, 2022


Race Ya Podcast is your weekly dose of endurance sports stories.  

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Perfect for those who are eager to learn about the sports, those who are starting their athletic journey, the enthusiasts and experienced, even the elites and professionals.  This podcast combines interviews with athletes on their success and failures, professional advice from experts, together with the latest news, trends and gear that will help you in your athletic journey wherever you are at. 

Take us to your journey and be race fit – in sports and in life.

EPISODE 1:   The Starting Line

When mass gathering for sporting events were cancelled due to the pandemic, we all learned that we can still toe the starting line from wherever we are.

Race Ya, through this podcast, would like to join you in your athletic journey with this podcast.

Get to know about Race Ya Podcast. Meet your hosts, Athletes Tin Ferrera and Tito Ands.


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